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Welcome to Liam Norris Wood Pellets! We are dedicated to providing exceptional products and services to meet all your wood pellet needs. We work with the only manufacturer of wood pellets in the Republic of Ireland to deliver green wood pellets to EN plus A1 standard. As not all wood pellets are equal as inferior products are imported and sold. Liam Norris Wood Pellets have established ourselves as a trusted name in the industry.

At Liam Norris Wood Pellets, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality wood pellets sourced from carefully selected Irish growers. Our pellets are grown, harvested, and processed locally, supporting the local economy and reducing environmental impact. Whether you need wood pellets for heating systems or animal bedding/litter, our conveniently packaged bags ensure easy handling and storage. With a dedicated team focused on reliable and timely delivery, we strive to exceed your expectations and provide an exceptional customer experience. If needed, our forklift trucks will deliver straight to your shed or garage. Choose Liam Norris Wood Pellets for superior quality, sustainable sourcing, and exceptional service that sets us apart from the competition.


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High-Quality EN+ A1 Wood Pellets

Liam Norris Wood Pellets exclusively delivers premium WFQA Approved and certified Irish wood pellets. Available in 80 x 15kg Bags, these pellets cater to various uses including heating systems and animal bedding/litter. Trust us for the highest quality and reliability in wood pellet delivery.
  • Grown and produced in Ireland
  • Derived from 100% virgin wood fibre
  • Produce very high heat – 4.8k/wh per kg
  • Produce very low ash ≤ 1%
  • Produce ultra-low carbon emissions
  • EN plus A1 Standard
  • ISO Certified

100% Locally Sourced

Liam Norris Wood Pellets stands as the premier and most established wood pellet delivery specialists in the Republic of Ireland. With a strong focus on local sourcing, 100% of our distributed wood pellets are grown, harvested, and processed within Ireland. We take great pride in supporting local employment opportunities and contributing to the growth of the local economy.

Unveiling Delivery FAQs

Delivery Time

Orders received are normally delivered Monday-Friday (9.00 – 5.00 pm – exceptions may occur due to customer access issues) within 7 working days from of point of order (exceptions may occur during peak periods such as Christmas, Easter etc.). Saturday deliveries may be possible during such times but at the discretion of Liam Norris Wood Pellets.

Delivery Information

Customers must provide accurate information such as address and contact number and if not present ensure access is arranged (providing additional contact information) for Liam Norris Wood Pellets to affect delivery.

Delivery Access

Adequate access (sufficiently wide, reasonably level and free of obstacles) is a must for all deliveries whether bulk blown or palletised. This is the responsibility of the customer to ensure overhanging branches or other obstructions are removed prior to delivery.

Delivery Amendments

If access is compromised in any way (e.g. roadworks etc.) and delivery is unlikely, this must be communicated to Liam Norris Wood Pellets in advance of delivery otherwise a charge may apply where a truck is loaded and has arrived but is unable to deliver.

Delivery Positioning

Liam Norris Wood Pellets staff are not obliged to manoeuvre obstructions which may hamper delivery, this is the customer’s responsibility.

Bulk Delivery Quantity

Bulk delivery of fuel is by a pneumatic hose, the quantity shown by the on-board weight management system shall, for the purposes of the account, be accepted by the customer as the quantity delivered. The customer may check the weigh system on-board at any time of the delivery. Print outs of weights delivered may be available but in the event they are unavailable the customer will have had had visual confirmation of the weight delivered by checking the on-board weights management system

Bulk Delivery Storage

The customer will be responsible for providing safe and suitable bulk storage.

Delivery Payment

Liam Norris Wood Pellets invoice will be presented at the time of delivery for signature. Payment will be necessary in advance of delivery or at time of delivery only.

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